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Our app provides information not found on NOAA charts.

WakeWatch displays no wake zones, boating speed limits, bridge heights and bridge opening times for all bridges in CT, FL & NC. We also have bridge heights and opening times for GA, SC & VA. The app tracks your boat so you can see what's coming up ahead.  This information cannot be found on most navigation systems or charts. 

Florida is a great place to boat; Except for a few things…like bridges and no wake zones. Waiting for bridges and crawling through no wake zones can make what looks like a short, quick trip on the chart into hours of slow travel. The WakeWatch app can help. The WakeWatch app provides information not found on most navigation systems or charts – NO WAKE ZONES and BRIDGE OPENING INFORMATION. Click the photos below to learn more about each function of the app.  


This app is ideal for ICW cruisers headed south for the winter.  The app will help you to time your arrival at the many bridges along the Intracoastal Waterway.  No reason to sprint for a bridge to find the bridge won't be opening for 20 minutes!  This app will improve your efficiency and make your trip more fun.

The information is updated regularly to keep things up-to-date.  Bridge schedules change and often have temporary closures for events. These are all tracked and added as needed. Lock locations and operating schedules have been added, too!

WakeWatch - Florida (FL) No Wake Zone Maps, Florida (FL) Bridge Opening Schedules, ICW Bridge Opening Schedules

No Wake Zones

Bridge Information


Click the photos above to learn more about each function of the app. 

NOAA tide stations are now available in the app.  Get information on high and low tide times and heights for hundreds of locations up and down the coast.

NOAA coastal marine weather forecasts have been added, too!  The NOAA forecasts are wave height forecasts for today and 5 days out for coastal regions.

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