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No Wake Zones and Boating Speed Limits

Florida (FL) no wake zone maps

There are many different types of no wake zones. Some are controlled by time of day, some by the day of the week, some by the time of year, some only apply outside of the channel and some by a combination of factors! Trying to read these signs as you cruise by, even with binoculars, can be difficult at best. Missing a sign can lead to a run-in with law enforcement, or keep you cruising at 5 knots(KTS), even though you don’t have to.  Our FL no wake zone maps delineate many different types of zones, including idle speed no wake, slow speed minimum wake, and different speed limits across FL waters.  We have also added special Coast Guard Security Zones in Palm Beach for visits from the President (POTUS) and other VIP's.  These zones restrict boating when VIP's are in the area. We also have all no wake zones/speed limits for Connecticut(CT). We have North Carolina(NC) no wake zones too!


The different colored pins show the various different speed zones in an area; ones with a dot identify areas with time restrictions.  The colored outline of the area corresponds to the color of the pin.  FWC defines Slow Speed with Minimum Wake as, "areas where vessels must be fully off plane and completely settled in the water. Any wake created by a vessel in one of these zones must be minimal."  Generally, this is interpreted as a speed limit of 6 MPH/5 KTS. Idle Speed No Wake zones are defined as areas where boaters must operate at the minimum speed that allows you to maintain steering and make headway.  There are also areas where a maximum wake size is permitted!  Helpful hint - 1 Knot (KT) = 1.15 MPH.

Different Zones:


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