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Tide Station Information

Florida (FL) no wake zone maps

We have added tide station data from NOAA to the app.  This functionality allows you to get detailed tidal information on coastal areas.  Information includes predicted times for high and low tides at each location, as well as information on tidal heights.  Future tide predictions can also be found here.  Hundreds of stations are included on inland waterways as well as along the coast.  You can also set your favorite tide station for quick access.

It is important to note that tidal times are not linear!   Tidal gauges close together may have high and low tide times that vary significantly!  Use this information to understand tidal differences at various locations along your route.  

Caution: tidal differences are not taken into account in the bridge heights shown on the Wake Watch maps.  The heights shown on the maps are from NOAA charts and are the mean high tide clearances.  Clearances may actually be higher or lower due to tidal variations!

Tide Station Examples


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