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Florida (FL) Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) no wake maps GIS

We have detailed, up to date Florida(FL) no wake zone maps, North Carolina(NC) no wake zone maps and Connecticut(CT) no wake zone maps in GIS format.  These maps are ideal for chartplotters and anyone trying to understand the complex regulations in FL.  They cover all of the different types of zones, including idle speed no wake zones, slow speed minimum wake zones, and areas with speed limits.  They also detail restrictions by time of year, time of day, and day of week!  They cover not only no wake zones, but also federally and state defined manatee zones in FL.  The maps cover the entire states of FL, NC & CT; not just the Intracoastal Waterway.  These are the real McCoy!

We also have GIS point files of all of the bridges in FL, GA, SC, NC, VA & CT with opening schedules.  This data has coordinates (latitude/longitude) for the center of each bridge, the bridge heights (closed),  and the times of the bridge openings.  This data includes detailed information on opening schedules.  In some cases, bridges have different schedules based upon the day of the week, or the time of day (limited openings during rush hour) . The data is also updated for restrictions due to construction and for special events (like road races).  Heights are also given for fixed bridges.

We are looking to partner with companies that have products that could benefit from our content.  Our files are available in a variety of GIS mapping formats.  We can also work with you on adding this functionality to your app.  We think this information could be useful to mobile app companies, chart companies, chart plotter companies, and GPS companies.

This data can also be loaded into many chartplotters/navigation systems.  The bridges are point objects, and the no wake areas are region objects.  Depending on your system, we can probably find a way to load the information.  It can be provided in a variety of GIS formats, including MapInfo tab, Google KML and ESRI shape(shp) files.

If your company is interested in embedding our data, contact us here.

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