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Florida Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Bridge Opening Schedules

WakeWatch solves the problems of not knowing how frequently bridges open, and whether or not your boat can even fit under the bridge.  All the bridges are shown by a pin on the app.  When pressed, this pin shows the opening schedule and the height of the bridge.  The app tracks your location as you cruise, showing you the upcoming bridges along your route.  The color of the pin tells you if you need to wait for an opening.  A green pin means the bridge is high enough to pass without waiting for an opening.

Bridge opening schedules change frequently.  There are many events (road races, boat parades, etc.) that cause temporary closures.  Additionally, there are temporary changes to schedules due to construction.  These changes are all tracked and added on a regular basis to keep our users informed!


Opening Times:

The app first asks your boat's height.  Afterwards, any bridge your boat can safely fit under appears green.  If you need an opening , the pin appears red.  This helps you to better time your arrival at bridges.
WakeWatch shows opening times for all bridges in Florida (nearly 300!).  The app tracks your location, so you’ll know what bridges are coming up along your route and what to expect. Detailed schedules are provided for each bridge.  Opening times are shown in minutes past the hour (00:30 means it opens on the hour and half past the hour).  
In some cases, bridges have different schedules based upon the day of the week, or the time of day (limited openings during rush hour) . The data is also updated for restrictions due to construction and for special events (like road races).  The data covers all bridges in FL, not just along the Intracoastal Waterway.  Heights are also given for fixed bridges.  
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